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Welcome to the website for 5522 models.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been coming to grips with the 5522 range that I acquired, and the process of design and packing required by etched brass.  As I am happy with each item, it will be introduced to the 5522 range.

To help you, there are free downloads available of the instructions for each item in the range.  You’ll find them in the Downloads page.

I also have my own plans for kits and components for finescale modellers, and look forward to sharing these with you.

To enquire about kits please email us on info@5522models.co.uk.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to 5522 Models

  1. Alan Fell

    Dear Paul,
    I am interested to know which Great Eastern prototypes you are likely to consider in the future. I would be willing to commit myself to/ place a deposit on suitable ones when they were approaching the planning stage.
    Best wishes, Alan

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks very much for contacting me. “5522 Models” will be very much of a new, and exciting venture for me.

      As a GER modeller, I am very keen to provide models that are typical to the GER scene. I also don’t want to overlap with the established models that are available, even where some are only available via secondhand venues like Ebay. So my initial thoughts are to build out the range with some of the rolling stock that ranges from 1890’s through into the LNER period.

      I also have to learn the fine art of designing etches… Therefore my initial thought is to try something small and non-complex. My choice is going to be (I feel) the Diagram 29 single bolster. If you have the Tatlow “LNER Wagons” book, it is on page 215.

      However I am starting with a blank page – so what suggestions would you like to see?

      If you don’t mind, I’ll keep your contact details and let you know how things progress.

  2. Alan Fell

    Dear Paul

    Two very distinctive groups of wagons come to mind: the two versions of the egg wagon (I would very much prefer the later diagram) and the various versions of the longer ferry van purchased after WW I for use on the Belgian service. Though these vans were very much a staple of the Harwich – Bishopsgate traffic, they certainly travelled much more widely, as photographic evidence shows. I think we could gather drawings and photographs sufficient to support kit design. John Watling, as ever, would be the obvious starting point for access to data.

    Best wishes,

  3. Alan Fell

    Dear Paul

    Just a further note: the third diagram (in order of building) of the lwb continental opens was fairly long lived. Again it is very distinctive and attractive. Peter K, I think, made a kit for the earliest diagram, but there are very noticeable differences in the two prototype designs. I’m fairly sure NRM has an available drawing for this late build; indeed I think I may have a copy.

    Sorry to be imprecise about the diagram numbers and details, but we only moved house recently and everything I have relating to railways is still buried in the basement.

    Best wishes,

  4. Steve Tooley


    I was very interested in your aquisition of 5522 Models as reported in the latest S4 mag, I have built a few of these, most recently the LMS Inspection saloon. However I was even more interested to see that you have an intention at some point to introduce GER models. Since Dan Pinnock move away from 4mm models there is practically (totally?) no models available for the GER, fortunately I have all of Dan’s models except for the 4 wheel coaches. I know Worsley Works do coach sides and ends but believe these are the same diagrams as Dan’s models.

    It would be fantastic to see more etched models become available for GER wagons and coaches, I assume you are aware of the articles in the GER society magazine on the bogie coaches. There are also a number of drawings in the book ‘Historic Carriage Drawings in 4mm scale’ by Jenkinson and Campling, but again I need to check if these drawings are of the coaches Dan has already done.

    My deepest regret is not getting hold of one of the GER/LNER N7’s from Connoisseur before he went solely 7mm, I keep looking on e-bay but they are fetching close to £200 which I am resisting paying at present, in the hope that Jim may do another short run?

    I will keep an eye on your web site to look for new GER introductions in the future and wish you the best of look with your venture.


    Steve Tooley

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