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The easiest way to contact 5522 Models is by email.  This will reach us 24/7, and we will try to reply to your message as soon as possible.

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  1. Richard Ough says:

    I tried to contact you via ‘orders@….’ but the message has been returned undelivered. are you not trading at present

    • admin says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for contacting me. I’m afraid that your email must have fallen into a spam folder somewhere, as I have no trace of it here.

      The 5522 range is best described as “dormant” at the moment. I rescued the artwork from Alastair Wright when he decided to close down the range, and I’ve been gradually building it up since. I have some stock acquired from Alastair, but no castings and the instructions for the kits aren’t great. Is there anything in particular that you were interested in?


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