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  1. Richard Payne

    Hi Paul, My modelling interest is GER circa late 50’s early 60’s and I model in 4mm scale -P4. I have recently emailed connoisseur models in the hope that they may once again produce their N7/3? I had a very nice email back from Jim Mcgeown, who did not rule out the possibility. He is very busy and everything depends upon his available time etc. I also expressed an interest in his GER wagons in 4mm scale. I said that I could wait for as long as it took if he would would consider another 4mm run.

    So Paul, looking at your 5522 etches I would be very happy to invest in any etches that would add to the N7/3 connoisseur kit, and take a chance that the kit will be produced again in 4mm scale. Additionally, any GER wagons for my period. I only need three or four – probably a brake van, a general goods van/s and an open wagon or two. I’ve no real railway experience so cannot quote wagon types etc. Best regards,
    Richard Payne… GERS mem no: 2918.


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